Irene Ariel Mystery


I am an Aquarius!


I am a Cat, Too!

A Lady of Renaissance, I am The Joke Mistress, a Performing Poet, a Publisher, an Art Photographer, An Accountant, a Model, a Web Page Designer, and...? Hmmm...  Oh yes... a Dancer.

I take my Joke Mistress duties very seriously and publish 6 daily joke newsletters since 1995. Join my lists and you find out why 140,000 loyal subscribers worldwide are enjoying Joke du Jour, et al publications. 

It is my mission in life to make people laugh.

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I am Living in the World's Most Exciting City:


Even though the Twin Towers are no longer here, I've decided to keep this photo on my website as a tribute.  Every time I drive over one of New York City's bridges and glance towards downtown, my heart aches.  We shall never forget. We will always remember.


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