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Tanya The Cat
Hello, my name is Tanya. I have a big secret for you: LadyHawke is a fraud! I'll tell you! She only pretends to be a Hawke! She really is a pussycat herself. I should know: she is my Mommy! I have proof that she's a cat! Anyway, I just love to curl myself on her lap and kneed her soft belly with my paws. I always purr loudly when I do that.

When my Mommy sits down to watch Star Trek: The Next Generation reruns at night? Well, I've got her! On her lap I go. It's a circular thing, you know. The more I purr, the more I get petted. The more I get petted, the more I purr. There is nothing like LadyHawke's long claws going through one's fur... Ahhh, life's little pleasures!

But back to my proof... Here it is! In full glory!

To hear LadyHawke meow, click on the black kitty. {HawkMeow.wav is 102 Kb}
Hawke's meow

To hear LadyHawke purr, click on the white kitty. {HawkPurr.wav is 95 Kb}
Dancing Cat
Pman the Magician

color paw prints

To paraphrase a famous line, "He's blinking at you, kid!"


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